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We are a central London property investment and development company owning over £1.1 billion of real estate.

We aim to deliver superior returns to our shareholders by unlocking the often hidden potential in retail and office property.

Today’s market is very different from that of only 12 months ago but we continue to outperform. We have adjusted our priorities to face the market conditions although our business model, which is sound, remains unchanged. We are confident that we are well placed for the future.

A consistent business model

One clear objective

The Group´s objective is to generate superior portfolio and shareholder returns from a combination of active asset management, development and investment management skills. We aim to maximise equity returns over the real estate cycle by efficient and flexible structuring and through the use of conservative financing.

The right fundamentals

The fundamental elements of our business model are:
Ownership of real estate in prime locations in central London
Upgrading the rental values of buildings through asset management, refurbishment or development
Frequent acquisition, disposal and joint venturing of assets to enhance overall portfolio performance
Intense focus on our local markets using a strong network of contacts

A well balanced business

Business Model