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Title Type
GPE Annual Report 2009 Download (PDF, 1,630 KB) pdf
Introduction Download (PDF, 41 KB) pdf
Chairman's statement Download (PDF, 70 KB) pdf
A consistent business model Download (PDF, 41 KB) pdf
Our operational priorities Download (PDF, 37 KB) pdf
Case studies Download (PDF, 522 KB) pdf
Measuring our performance Download (PDF, 38 KB) pdf
Managing the risks Download (PDF, 52 KB) pdf
A look at our market Download (PDF, 54 KB) pdf
A close look at our business Download (PDF, 60 KB) pdf
Our financial position Download (PDF, 58 KB) pdf
Our people Download (PDF, 49 KB) pdf
Our risks Download (PDF, 45 KB) pdf
A responsible approach Download (PDF, 240 KB) pdf
Portfolio statistics Download (PDF, 44 KB) pdf
Our major properties and tenants Download (PDF, 45 KB) pdf
Directors Download (PDF, 151 KB) pdf
Report of the directors Download (PDF, 67 KB) pdf
Corporate governance Download (PDF, 79 KB) pdf
Directors´ remuneration report Download (PDF, 88 KB) pdf
Group income statement Download (XLS, 24 KB) pdf
Group balance sheet Download (XLS, 23 KB) pdf
Group statement of cash flows Download (XLS, 23 KB) pdf
Group statement of recognised income and expense Download (XLS, 18 KB) pdf
Group reconciliation of other movements in equity Download (XLS, 17 KB) pdf
Directors´ responsibilities Download (PDF, 57 KB) pdf
Notes forming part of the Group financial statements Download (PDF, 115 KB) pdf
Independent auditors´ report for the Group Download (PDF, 64 KB) pdf
Notes forming part of the Company financial statements Download (PDF, 54 KB) pdf
Independent auditors´ report for the Company Download (PDF, 53 KB) pdf
Glossary Download (PDF, 52 KB) pdf
Notice of meeting Download (PDF, 51 KB) pdf
Five year record Download (PDF, 52 KB) pdf
Financial calendar and shareholders´ information Download(PDF, 51 KB) pdf